Call for Papers

The Chulabhorn Scholastic Journal of Science (CSJOS) is calling for Princess Chulabhorn Science High Scool (PCSHS) students to submit their original research for publication. The CSJOS publishes papers describing original, entry-level research conducted by PCSHS students as part of their course of studies at the school. Research in all fields of science and technology are accepted.    Research contributing to our knowledge of the Thai environment or to science and technology relevant to Thai development and culture are encouraged.

Papers accepted for publication must demonstrate an original, valid contribution to our knowledge of the world. The conclusions must demonstrate a high level of confidence and be suggestive of further work. Entry-level papers are not expected to be highly important contributions in the field, but they must present new knowledge. Please refer to the CSJOS Authors’ Handbook for more detail.

The Submission Process

Authors interested in publishing a paper should begin by discussing the possibility of writing a paper with their research advisor. The advisor will play an important role in helping the authors write and revise the paper, so must agree to support the authors in this process.

Once the authors and advisor have agreed to submit the research to the CSJOS for consideration, the authors should submit their completed research report to their School Coordinator, along with supporting documents including raw data, processed data spreadsheets, and any other information that will aid the Coordinator in evaluating their research.

If the School Coordinator accepts the research for consideration, the report and all associated information will be sent to the CSJOS Editor.  The Editor will evaluate the submitted research, communicating with the authors and advisor requesting elaboration and clarification if needed, then submit the research to a Reviewer. If the research is accepted by the Reviewer for publication, the Editor will email the authors with suggestions on the focus and approach of the paper, along with documents describing the writing and revision process in more detail.

The authors will then write a draft of the paper, in consultation with the advisor, following the CSJOS Guidelines. The completed draft is emailed to the Editor, who will respond with suggestions for revision, if necessary. After the paper is finalized, it will be sent for final approval to the Reviewer. One final round of revision according to the Reviewer’s suggestions may be required before the paper is published.  Please refer to the CSJOS Authors’ Handbook for more

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